How To Listen To Music In Motorcycle Helmet?

Three Best Ways To Listen To Music In Motorcycle Helmet

Listen Music In Motorcycle Helmet

Let’s go over the best and most efficient ways to listen to music in motorcycle helmet or while riding a motorcycle. These are the methods we’ve found to be extremely effective while still allowing me to enjoy a ride with no distractions.

1. Helmet Inserts:

There are also helmet inserts available for purchase and installation inside your safety helmet.

They do not go into your ears like earbuds, but rather sit on the inside walls of your safety helmet, giving the impression that you have a Bluetooth helmet.

Though this is a better alternative to using earphones, it may cause some disruption to the motorcyclist if the circuitry becomes trapped or one of the audio speakers becomes loose.

When it comes to listening to music while riding, the general rule is to use a method that does not require cords. Additionally, anything else that could potentially become lost or cause an interruption. Headgear inserts and headphones can easily come apart, causing pain and causing unnecessary disruptions.

2. Use Default Sound System:

The first safe and legal method of listening to music while riding is to use the motorcycle’s stereo system. Some people like this method, while others find it annoying because everyone else can hear what they’re listening to.

The only thing you have to do while driving is to press a couple of switches near the handlebars. If your motorcycle lacks a stereo system or audio speakers, you can quickly install some that connect to your phone or iPod.

3. Bluetooth Helmet Intercom Embedded:


Listen Music In Motorcycle Helmet

Using an Embedded Bluetooth Helmet Intercom is the second most effective and also safest way to listen to songs while riding.

There is a Bluetooth Intercom Helmet with built-in audio speakers that will instantly connect to your phone or MP3 player. The best part is that you don’t have to worry about circuitry or anything else moving around inside your MTB helmet or falling out of place.

The standard structure for this type of listening method eliminates the need for wire cords and cables. You need to synchronize your phone with the Bluetooth System.

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One advantage is the long battery life. Embedded Bluetooth Helmet Intercoms typically have some outside switches that you can quickly push to control volume and skip tracks. However, you’ll need to remember the switches before you turn them on. Bluetooth helmets can also connect to your general practitioner. Thus, allowing you to receive instructions without having to look at your phone.

It is recommended to use the FODSPORT M1s Plus, which not only allows you to listen to songs while riding. Moreover, it allows you to share the same songs with your passenger and mute it at any time.

Benefits And Drawbacks

Following are some advantages and disadvantages of listening to music in motorcycle helmet.


Many riders, including myself, have discovered that they are much sharper when listening to songs. For a long time, the noise of the wind and the electric motor on your motorcycle can become repetitive and uninteresting. Therefore, listening to songs can make your experience a little more pleasant, making you much sharper. Save yourself in accidents with modular helmets.

Listening to songs while riding can also improve your mood. According to studies, simply being outside on your bike improves one’s mental health and wellness. Addingsongs that you enjoy to the mix will undoubtedly improve your mood.

While listening to songs will not drown out all of your surrounding sounds. It will help to muffle some of the noises that come with riding a motorcycle. Listening to motorcycle rumble can be enjoyable for a few minutes, but listening to it for an extended period gives me a headache. Songs help to break up the monotony and allow me to enjoy my journey more.


On the other hand, listening to songs too loudly can drown out important noises. If yoursongs is too loud, you may be unable to hear what is going on around you. Thus, you will be posing a threat to yourself.

If you listen to songs on your motorcycle using the stereo system, you will most likely irritate someone with your method. Pedestrians and other motorists may not appreciate what you’re paying attention to. Especially if you have the volume method turned up.

Regardless of how safe you can be while riding your motorcycle while listening to songs, songs create a minor additional disturbance.

Even if all you have to do is take your hand off the handlebar for a split second to miss the next track. That’s one second off your handlebar and one second with much less control of the motorcycle.

Ideal Music Volume

We can’t write about riding a motorcycle and listening to songs without mentioning the importance of music volume. While listening to songs and riding, keep the volume of your songs in mind at all times.

Do not listen to your music so loudly that it interferes with your ability to hear anything else. This is both distracting and dangerous because you need to be as alert as possible while riding.

Having such loud music can also harm your hearing. Riding a motorcycle is difficult itself, so adding music to the mix puts additional strain on your ears. A bike’s sound is typically between 70 and 80 decibels. Listening to music raises the decibel level. According to Heart Smart, listening to anything louder than 100 decibels for more than half an hour can cause hearing damage.

That isn’t to say you can’t listen to music while riding. Simply adjust the volume so that you aren’t listening to your music at maximum volume.

Safety And Security While Listening To Songs

However, whether you are an inexperienced rider, it is best to become acquainted with the roads and motorcycles before using any type of music tool. It can be exhilarating to listen to the sounds of the wind and trees.

Another suggestion is to create a playlist of songs you want to listen to before you start your ride. Changing tunes in a car can be dangerous, but it’s even more dangerous on a motorcycle.

It’s also a good idea to keep a timer nearby so you can get back on the road as quickly as possible. And, just like in a car, it’s best not to crank up the volume on these devices.

1. Don’t Listen To Music While Driving On The Highway:

We want to emphasize that listening to music on busy roads and freeways is dangerous. The reason for this is that you are endangering your own life and the people around you. We understand how boring it can be to travel alone for hours on end. However, your traffic jams are reserved for those long, winding roads with no other vehicles and a wide visual field.

2. Be More Aware Of The Traffic Around You:

Regardless of the population density of the area in which you ride, you must always keep your surroundings in mind.

Also, if you ride solitary trails, you must constantly be able to adapt to your surroundings. You never know when an unexpected circumstance, such as a deer crossing your path out of nowhere, will occur.

However, one of the trade-offs you make for the thrill and self-doubt of riding is a reduction in safety with the active framework. 

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Even with restrictions such as setting a noise level cap of 100 decibels when listening to music, there are minor cues you can miss. Keep your eyes on the road and your rearview mirrors constantly.

3. Is It Safe To Ride A Motorcycle While Listening To Music:

Riding a motorcycle while listening to music is safe if the following rules are followed:

  1. Don’t turn up the volume too high. You must be able to hear sirens and horns.
  2. Do not use noise-canceling earbuds or block your ears with earbuds that will cut out the surrounding sound.
  3. Make sure you can turn off the music at any time while riding. You don’t want to be killed by music in an emergency.
  4. Ignoring any of these rules may pose a safety risk. You don’t want to be that rider who is riding around with noise-canceling earbuds on full volume, not paying attention to your surroundings.


In conclusion, we can say that listening to music in your motorcycle helmet is exciting. However,  you need to be careful about its volume. Additionally,  you also need to be careful about roads and traffic. We hope that this article has satisfied your query about how to listen to Music in Motorcycle Helmet.

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