Best Cruiser Motorcycle Helmets in 2022

A helmet is an essential part of any road trip, whether a high-speed highway trip or a long road trip with twisted turns. It makes cruiser biking more secure and relaxed. On top of that, today’s unanticipated features in the best cruiser motorcycle helmets, such as Bluetooth, GPS, music listening, and so on, take it to the next level. You don’t need to go anywhere else because recent insights with authenticity are waiting for you!

8 Best Cruiser Motorcycle Helmets

cruiser motorcycle helmet

1. ScorpionExo Matte Black Covert Unisex Helmet (COV-0105)

Riding a two-wheeler while wearing a helmet is always a good idea. To ensure your safety, the entire shell of this Scorpion Exo helmet is made of LG polycarbonate material. Furthermore, its impact absorption property with a finished appearance does not compromise on severe jerks. Additionally, This item’s highly comfortable contour, combined with squishy foam within, makes it the first choice of bike riders.


  1. Ergonomic lightweight design
  2. Clear shield for safe riding even at night
  3. The shell is tough enough to withstand impact and jerks.


  1. Sadly, Its shield does not have a sufficiently tight seal.
  2. However, there is no freedom of movement inside.

Most importantly, this helmet looks fantastic and provides the most anticipated comfort. Riding the cruiser motorcycle on the twisted, bumpy roads while wearing this headcover would be logical. You should also know about the best mountain bike (MTB) helmet.

2. GLX GX11 Unisex/Adult Compact Lightweight Full Face Motorcycle Helmet

This GLX helmet has become a biker’s trademark. Furthermore, the EPS foam easily protects the jaw, cheeks, ears, and sensitive facial areas. Furthermore, the Removable Breath Guard reduces fogging of the shield caused by the rider’s breath. However, the quick-release chin strap and metal rivets fit snugly against the helmet shell.


  1. UV protection from the sun
  2. In hazy weather, an anti-fog shield is ideal.
  3. A five-stage rotary dial allows for a more precise approach.
  4. DOT security standards are met.


  1. The quick-release strap does not always lock securely.
  2. It has scrapes on its nose and mouthguard.

Quality standards such as DOT dedicate this helmet to people who enjoy riding cruiser motorcycles. Overall, you’ll appreciate the comfortable contour and ergonomic design.

3. DOT Approved Motorcycle Open Face Helmet – YEMA YM-627

If you’re looking for a bike helmet without leaving your house, this Open Face Motorcycle Helmet is the perfect fit. Its spacious interior and white coloration set it apart from the crowd. To begin with, it has an open-face 34 design of the shell with the best visibility ever, which prevents a claustrophobic feeling. Furthermore, you can always remove the interior to clean it thoroughly. In addition to this, another feature is the crystal clear visor, which makes your journey easier.


The laser-cut foam has a washable inner material.

  1. UV protection, scratch resistance, and impact absorption
  2. Quick-release strap for easy on and off.
  3. Pads are extremely comfortable, and the interior is well-protected.
  4. Airflow is always constant. will not allow the head to heat up


  1. There will be no isolation sound.
  2. However, there is no metal clip.

Lastly, Impressive features combined with high-quality manufacturing have helped to make this helmet the #1 choice for cruise biking. Every aspect of wearing this open-face helmet is relaxing as well as cozy.

4. LS2 Motorcycle Helmets Rebellion Helmet Half

best cruiser motorcycle helmets

This helmet’s best features include the best style, durability in the material, and a variety of six different styles. Besides, no one wants an out-of-date cruiser motorcycle with poor functionality. Furthermore, This helmet has an adjustable twin shield style with a drop-down visor that meets buyers’ expectations.

For safety reasons, it locks 12 down or completely. Moreover, The brand’s safety trust grows with the Kinetic Polymer Alloy Nano-Particle Technology.


  1. A hypoallergenic fiber liner provides the best ventilation.
  2. Highly durable, with full safety protocols such as DOT.
  3. Foam laser-cut with a washable option
  4. Bluetooth is included to ensure communication between riders.


  1. On the contrary, the visor displays a milky view in bright sunlight.
  2. Chinstrap is uncomfortably tight.

As a result, we can say that this helmet is the top choice of many cruiser motorcycle riders because it allows them to ride light and strong. Furthermore, its ergonomic approach makes this a more popular product.

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5. Vega Helmets Warrior Motorcycle Half Helmet With Sunshield For Men And Women

Why choose anyone else if you like helmets in various colors and styles? Its graphical patriotic flag design is fashionable. Furthermore, the unisex design allows both male and female riders to use it equally. Furthermore, the ESP crushable foam liner allows you to wear it regardless of impact or jerks. Secondly, another way to make this one fit more snugly and properly is to use the custom fit dial adjuster.


  1. Lightweight construction with a strong exterior shell
  2. Dial system that can be adjusted for a precise fit
  3. The liner that wicks away moisture


  1. The glasses will not fit in the drop-down fit.
  2. The inner padding is somewhat thick.

On the whole, This helmet looks good and feels comfortable with a snug fit, which sums up the features mentioned above. Furthermore, it has maximized bike security with a stylish approach.

6. ScorpionExo EXO-GT920 Full Face Modular Helmet

This Cruiser helmet for two-wheelers is all about a safe ride from the outside to the inside. Its superior quality polycarbonate-made shell is light on the head. It is commendable that a high-end capability can cancel the effect of an impact. The optimized ESP with dual density and multi-layer provides unrivaled wearing comfort.


  1. This helmet has an antimicrobial feature for your health’s sake.
  2. Its shield is impervious to fog or rashes.
  3. UV protection and a hard polycarbonate shell ensure its longevity.


  1. The cheek pads are too small in some sizes.
  2. The visor shield is securely locked, as it should be.

It is certainly the best type of cruiser motorcycle helmet with various features to investigate. It works well in foggy, hazy, or misty conditions without obscuring the view.

7. TORC – T115:24 T1 Unisex-Adult Retro Full-face Helmet-Style Motorcycle

Designers created this TORC helmet specifically for cruiser bike riders. You can imagine how strong it would be. Firstly,  This bike cap is the best of its kind due to its high impact protection and Fiberglass Tri-Composite shell. Furthermore, the front chin vents and the metal net intake and exhaust vents aid in good riding comfort. Secondly, The faux suede liner, removable shield, and high-quality safety parameters such as (FMVSS) 218 ensure a safe bike ride.


  1. Built to be lightweight
  2. Ratchet system of the highest level
  3. The Inner foams and a padded interior help to reduce jerks.
  4. The best materials were used, such as fiberglass, anti-fog, and scratch resistance.
  5. Exhaust vents with cushioned chin straps made of multi-density EPS.


  1. Having difficulty adjusting the ears
  2. If you wear glasses, this helmet may be difficult to use.

Moreover, there are many other surprising features to this helmet that you will undoubtedly enjoy while riding your cruiser motorcycle. Its professional contour and specific material will exceed your expectations.

8. Motorcycle Open Face Helmet Cruiser Daytona Helmets

This helmet enables the user to enjoy a comfortable and pleasurable ride on high-speed highways. Furthermore, its modular design and high-quality materials ensure your safety. It’s in the list of best cruiser motorcycle helmets.

Furthermore, with the DOT (Department of Transportation) approved FMVSS 218 standards, you can be confident that you are in good hands. Moving further, Another advantage is its adjustable size, which allows it to fit people with small to large heads. Most importantly, The 12 shell protects the wearer from serious head injuries. The open face looks with a matte black skull give off a sober yet modern vibe. However, You will not experience any pinching due to the sleek and smooth manufacturing. Its chin strap position can be easily adjusted backward or forward to suit your needs.


  1. Firstly, The durable and tough helmet meets DOT quality standards.
  2. Secondly, a slim-line modular design for pro riders
  3. Thirdly, For the best adjustment, use a slider adjuster with steel rivets.


  1. However, The feather padding feels strange.
  2. Moreover, Its medium size isn’t exactly slim.

Lastly, Daytona is an excellent helmet for fast rides. Furthermore, the slim counter with an open face appearance does not jeopardize high-end motorcycle safety” it meets the standards. It is one of the Best Cruiser Motorcycle Helmets. 


In conclusion, we can say that risking one’s life simply because one does not have a good helmet sounds hopeless. Moreover, to assist you in your helmet search, we have compiled a list of the top brands that thousands of buyers have tested. Each of the cruiser bike headcovers has something unique to offer you to learn more about them and improve your ride!

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