Best Motorcycle Gear For Beginners

Beginners and inexperienced riders strictly require the best motorcycle gear. It may include a helmet, jacket, pants, gloves, and boots. Getting all this at once can be prohibitively expensive, so we’ve compiled a list of the most cost-effective options below. Since new riders are at the highest risk of meeting an accident, we’ve found some low-cost gear that doesn’t skimp on safety. Don’t worry; we’re probably vainer than you are, so we’ve considered frivolous things. Because looking cool is a big part of why we ride motorcycles in the first place.

Top Five Mandatory Helmet Gear For Beginners

Below, we have compiled a list of the best and most affordable helmet gear for beginners. Read it till the end to have better knowledge and understanding.

1. Helmet

The number one important gear on our list is a helmet. You must wear a DOT, ECE, or Snell-approved or dual sport helmet. Motorcyclists enjoy debating which of these standards is superior, with the consensus being that ECE and Snell are superior to DOT. We advise getting an ECE certified or an Snell approved helmet.

You cannot purchase second-hand Helmets. Second-Hand helmets are more prone to damage. Moreover, even if they appear in perfect condition, they may be completely compromised on the inside. Furthermore, most helmets have a three to seven-year lifespan. To get the most use out of a helmet, you should buy it new.

It’s also worthwhile to take the time to measure your head before purchasing a helmet properly. The sizing charts on our website are excellent, but only if you have accurate measurements. Moreover, experiment with the removable padding while choosing a helmet to find the best fit. If you can’t, take advantage of our no-questions-asked return policy and try a different model. After all, safety ratings are only useful if the helmet fits your head in the first place.

2. A pair Of Pants And A Jacket

The second most important thing beginners need is a pair of pants and a jacket. If you’re only buying one jacket, you’ll want to ensure it’s waterproof, breathable, and protective. There are different motorcycle jackets for men and women. However, you can buy any jacket. It’s no big deal.

  • Jackets For Men

There are several men’s jackets available in the market. However, when it comes to reasonably priced, well-made, and incredibly adaptable jackets, there is a clear winner for bikers of all types:

Atomic 11.0 Joe Rocket

This mighty jacket comes with shoulder, elbow, and spine protectors. While preserving excellent ventilation and breathability, it is also quite water-resistant. The removable lining is another important feature. It keeps you warm on chilly days, but riders can also wear it for a lighter and more airy feel on sunny days.

The Atomic 11.0 is extremely fashionable and has reflective trim in its bold hues. This jacket is an excellent choice for novices. Furthermore, getting the same result with a decent jacket is fantastic because nobody looks good in an orange safety bib.

  • Jackets For Women

We have a comparable suggestion for female bikers of all kinds: The Joe Rocket Heartbreaker. The same applies to this model as it did to the men’s Atomic. Additionally, it is made to accommodate a woman’s physique.

3. Pants

When coming to pants, there are three kinds of pants a biker can wear i-e leather pants, denim pants, and armored pants. Leather can withstand sliding for over 100 feet, while denim can only withstand about 10 feet. As we all know, wearing leather pants at work is often unprofessional. Additionally, leathers are pricey. So we advise getting a set of armored jeans. The majority includes Kevlar material in key locations, making them far more abrasion resistant than normal pants. Find a size and style that works for you from the wide assortment available for both men and women. Moreover, get a cheap rain shell to keep in your saddlebag for wet days. However, it’s worth investing in true waterproof pants rather than armored jeans if you plan to ride in the rain frequently.

4. Boots

The next thing on our list is boots. It will help you if you search for a motorcycle boot that is strong, supportive, and sits above the ankle. If you fall, boots with these qualities will offer defense and assistance. Additionally, your feet will be protected against bruises and burns while riding.

A good pair of leather hiking boots with steel toes will also work. Nevertheless, wearing genuine motorcycle footwear has several benefits. They frequently have unique oil resistance designs, for starters. However, ankle and toe protection is the main benefit of motorcycle boots. It is crucial for dirt bike racers, who frequently press their foot down when making a turn.

Depending on the riding you undertake, you’ll have to make a decision. An all-around comfy, protective, and waterproof boot will be your best bet if you’re a cruiser or a less serious street or dirt rider. The Tourmaster Solution Waterproof 2.0 Boot is suggested for both men and women. It meets all the requirements for typical motorcycle use for a moderately cost boot.

5. Gloves

A good pair of gloves should provide five benefits for the motorcyclist. These top five benefits are listed below:

  • Firstly, life is too short to wear uncomfortable gloves; gloves should be comfy.
  • Secondly, getting wind, rain, or wasps up your sleeve isn’t fun; these gloves should have a good length.
  • Thirdly, you’ll still try to break the fall with your hands even if you crash at 100 km/h; a good pair of gloves must be abrasion-resistant. 
  • Since we know that Mother Nature doesn’t hold back, the gloves you will buy should be warm and water-resistant. 
  • Lastly, it’s challenging to control a precisely tuned bike while wearing bulky mittens; these motorcycle gloves must also allow for high-degree agility.

There are numerous options for dirt, cruiser, and street gloves. Gloves, however, are typically less expensive than boots. Look through the dirt and road areas to discover the best pair that suits your taste. 

The gear mentioned above is mandatory and essential for every biker to have it with him. However, some things are comparatively unnecessary, but you should have them just in case of emergency.

Non-Essential Necessities

All riders should have non-essential necessities, although only certain riders require them. It never ends with toolkits, patch kits, communication systems, and hydration packs. Like the rest, you’ll accumulate this stuff over the years through birthday and holiday gifts, special bargains, etc. The non-essentials are probably necessary if you’re starting with adventure riding or long-distance touring. If so, purchase a bike-specific tool kit, a tire repair system, and some duct tape. That ought to keep you going until you assemble a complete kit. Additionally, ride with more seasoned friends because they will have the equipment to rescue you.


Beginning your motorcycle riding career can be daunting, exciting, and exhilarating. Choosing the best equipment can be challenging when so many possibilities are available. Check out our other gear recommendations for more useful information, and we hope we were able to help you get started on your motorbike ride in 2022. Enjoy the ride, be careful, and have fun!

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