Are Modular Helmets Safe in Accidents?

Today, modular helmets are becoming increasingly popular among motorcycle riders; particularly those who have to cover frequent, long, and cross-country travels. The remarkable thing about modular helmets is the hinged chin bar. It enables the rider to breathe easily, smoke a cigar, or drink water. Another great reason to opt for a modular helmet is that it is easy for the rider to show their face at any police checkout, compared to a full-face helmet. 

When you press the lock button, the rider can flip up the lower side of the helmet without unfastening the neck strap or taking off the entire helmet from the head. Also, these half helmets are highly convenient to use. 

So, when you lower down the hinge bar, the modular helmet resembles a full-face helmet. But with enormous screws on the sides that grip the moving part and release the lock button at the front side. Considering this, many people have a common question: are modular helmets safe compared to their full-face counterparts? 

Several traumatic stories regarding modular helmets shattered due to the devastating outcomes of motorbike accidents. So, these rider incidents contribute to the long list of mortalities that result from motorbike accidents. 

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Which Factors May Lead to Disintegration of Modular Helmets? 

As per Tim Endencia, the product specialist, these stories reinforce the fact that modular helmets with design defects are simply myths. So here are the four apparent factors that may lead to the disintegration of modular helmets (when they contact solid impact). 

Improper Lock Button 

Some riders might disremember to secure the lock button on the lower pivot when riding a motorbike. So, when you have a loose hinge, it declines the power of your helmet against an impact. Therefore, you should always double-check the lock button to know if it is not open before starting your journey. Always remember to fasten your helmet strap. 

Avoid Being Screwed Up 

Though this type of incident is more prevalent with poor quality helmets. But you should occasionally check any moving part fastened by a screw. So, if you ever feel a loose screw due to any reason, you must get it immediately tightened before you head off on a journey. 

You Receive What You Pay For 

Some modular helmets are available in the market for a reasonable price but with compromised quality. So, you must be mindful that these helmets do not feature premium-quality like full-face helmets. So, it is essential to consider the quality. You must investigate whether detailed research was applied while manufacturing this helmet. Good quality helmets use Direct Fiber Processing (DFP) to manufacture helmet shells to ensure optimum strength against the impact. 

Opt for Max Protection 

Experts verify modular helmets as full-faced and half-faced. Premium quality helmets that pass the test standards for both variations are the best pick for you. You should not wear a modular helmet with a hinged bar flipped up while the motorbike moves at high speed regardless of having two homologations. It will guarantee complete face protection in case of a road accident. So, a rider should sensibly choose a quality helmet and know how to use it for safety reasons appropriately. So, when you ride, there is no chance for ignorance and carelessness. 

Why are Modular Helmets Important? 

A helmet is an essential safety accessory that every rider must wear while driving the motorbike. And you should not underestimate its importance. So, when you visit the market to look for comfortable and cheap quality motorcycle helmets, you might find modular helmets. 

These helmets are a merger of full-faced and open-faced helmets, as they feature a chin bar that you can flip up when required. If you are looking to choose a smart bike helmet, you must consider several aspects like your riding style, the amount of fresh air you need, and what comfort level you prefer to have. Though this might appeal to some riders, others might wonder if this design feature impacts the helmet’s efficiency as safety gear. 

Which is Better: Modular Helmets or Full-Faced Option 

Before you choose your helmet, you must be aware of the intended purpose of modular helmets. So, these helmets enable riders to perform many things like: 

  • Conveniently converse with others without helmets dampening their voices 
  • Allow fresh air without the need to take off the entire helmet 
  • Eat or drink while your helmet is on 

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The Difference 

The critical difference between the full-face and modular helmets is that the first is the only piece, while the second features pivots that enable chin bars to move. Though the difference might not be evident at first look, however, many parts may impact safety. Therefore, the additional weight can be a turn off during the long tows for several riders, making it a less convenient option than the full-face helmet.

The Safety Aspect 

While the market is oozing with the value of modular helmets, the question arises: do these helmets provide the best head safety? Unluckily, if you want to go for the safest helmet option, a full-face helmet is always recommended, as it can expertly hold up the impact. However, this does not mean that half-face helmets are not safe. They also offer a substantial amount of protection, particularly when you use them the right way. For that, you need to keep the chin bar down while you hit the throttle. On the contrary, if you have a leisure riding style and don’t ride in high-traffic areas, nothing can be better than a modular helmet. The most imperative thing is that you should always wear head protection when you are on the road (regardless of the helmet style)

Safety in Road Accidents 

Research shows that modular helmet chin bars tend to flip up during low-speed indirect accidents leading to major facial injuries. So, the fact remains that modular helmets are not equally safe as full-face helmets. However, if this had been the case, experts would have recommended it to the people involved in racing. 

One of the world’s renowned helmet rating systems, “UK SHARP”, has shown that modular helmets enjoy a similar rating as full-face helmets. However, less than half of the helmets had a five-star rating. On the contrary, experts accredit SHARP system slightly better for rating helmets. Although, many even nosedived the chin bar lock retention trial. Moreover, it also fails to differentiate between the restricted and full unlocking in the single-hit crash testing procedure. 

So, it is an imperfect testing procedure. The reason is that in real-world accidents, your head can hit the floor many times, allowing you more opportunity to expose the locking mechanism. Also, the SHARP system highlights little association between cost and safety. 

However, there is no argument regarding the convenience of modular helmets. You can capture snaps, inhale fresh air while you ride on the busy city roads, converse with your fellows, and even get your tank refuelled without removing your helmet. 


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