Is A Motorcycle Helmet Bulletproof

Motorcycle helmets are a relatively recent invention. The first ones were made from shellac and leather, and they were very uncomfortable for the rider. They were only used for the first decades of the 20th century. Sure, they were safe, but they didn’t look very good. Nowadays, helmets are safer, but they need to look good too. A motorcycle helmet is one of the most important safety items for any rider. This is why it’s important to make sure the helmet you buy is compliant with the minimum safety requirements. While they have a lot of protective benefits, is a motorcycle helmet bulletproof? Read on to find out.

Anyone can run into a circumstance where they need to defend themselves from gunfire on the way. Moreover, sometimes all you have is a helmet because most people normally don’t wear bulletproof vests.

So, whether a helmet is sturdy enough to deflect or stop a bullet in its tracks emerges. “No” is the simple response to the question. Using a standard motorbike helmet won’t stop a shot.

Since a bullet can go through the air at over 1500 mph. Therefore, due to Its distinctive make and form, a bullet has a high potential for penetration. Most motorcycle helmets have carbon fiber or fiberglass exterior shells with foam cushioning inside to protect the head in the event of a crash. A shot fired from any rifle can readily pierce all the elements that make up a helmet.

Motorcycle helmets operate by distributing the force of an impact across their entire body. The high-density foam absorbs this energy which disseminates inside the helmet. A bullet with a sharp, pointed edge that could pierce right through a helmet is more accessible to cope with than a massive block.

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What Makes A Bulletproof Helmet Necessary?

Bulletproof vests and helmets are designed to protect the body from harm. If you have a job that requires you to work with firearms, you need to choose a bulletproof helmet that will protect you from your surroundings. If you’re not sure what makes a bulletproof helmet necessary, read on to learn more.

The main purpose of Regular motorcycle helmets is to guard against head injuries in a collision. They are helpless in front of a few revolver rounds, light bullets, or objects moving quickly and having a sharp edge.

While we’re on motorcycle helmets, if you’re looking to purchase one, be sure to read our guide for all kinds of helmets. It will assist you in knowing what to look for when buying a helmet.

Ballistic or bulletproof helmets fall under a different category of headgear. This type of headgear has the responsibility to block or deflect projectiles. Law strictly prohibits Wearing those helmets while riding a motorcycle casually.

If we were to imagine the construction of a ballistic helmet, we would need to use heavy metals like steel that are strong enough to stop or deflect a bullet.

But the issue is that a bulletproof motorbike helmet doesn’t exist. However, even if it did, it would be extremely expensive and heavy. Many people wouldn’t be able to purchase it in the first place. If they could, wearing it would be extremely difficult and may cause extreme stress on your neck and shoulders because of the weight.

In addition to all of this, a standard bulletproof helmet will be able to shield your head from any bullets fired at you. In the military, ballistic helmets are relatively widespread. You may have even watched a lot of World War II documentaries where many soldiers are using protective helmets.

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Three Different Bulletproof Helmet Types

There are many different styles of bulletproof helmets to choose from, each with their own unique set of characteristics. For those who are new to the world of bulletproof head protection, here are three different helmet brands you should consider. Military and special forces frequently wear ballistic or bulletproof helmets. On the market, there are three popular varieties of bulletproof helmets. Below is an explanation of these Three Different Bulletproof Helmet  types:

1. PASGT Helmet

Ballistic helmets known as PASGT, or Personnel Armor System for Ground Troops, have been around since the 1980s and are still used by the US Army Reserve. The helmet’s outer shell, which is made of multiple layers of kevlar, is strong enough to withstand any projectiles.

2. MICH Headgear

The improved version of the PASGT helmets is the MICH or Modular Integrated Communications (MICH) ballistic helmet. This helmet, also called the Advanced Combat Helmet, offers roughly the same level of protection while being significantly lighter and more comfortable than the preceding.

3. FAST Helmet

The Future Assault Shell Technology Helmet is lighter than MICH helmets while offering equivalent skull protection. The occipital bone in the back of the head and all the other sides of the head are protected by the FAST helmet, which leaves the ear open.

All of these helmets are bulletproof, but they shouldn’t be worn when riding a motorcycle because they won’t offer much protection in the event of a crash. Visit our list of the top 10 supermoto helmets if you want to ride on any terrain with the utmost safety and protection from traffic accidents.

How To Make A Bulletproof Motorcycle Helmet

When you’re riding a motorcycle, your helmet is the most important piece of safety equipment you have. Without a helmet, you’re putting yourself at risk for serious injury or worse. But a helmet is only as reliable as the materials and construction it’s made with. Learn how to make a bulletproof motorcycle helmet in this post. However, A motorbike helmet cannot be made bulletproof at home. But if you want to create a bulletproof helmet, here are the supplies you’ll require:

Thermoplastic Polyurethane Anti-Ballistic Layer

A helmet impervious to bullets can be made from this sturdy material or Aramid. Ballistic helmets for the military already use it.

A Carbon Fiber Shell

Carbon fiber is renowned for its resilience and durability. This material can tolerate harsh temperature conditions with ease.

Though they are unreliable, new combat helmets can stop bullets. Combat and ballistic helmets are made to shield your head from bullet fragments and pistol bullets, but there is no guarantee that they will do the same with rifle ammunition.

Companies manufacture Lightweight and comfortable motorcycle helmets keeping the rider’s comfort in mind. Since you rarely come into contact with weapons and bullets in your regular life, manufacturers don’t need to worry about developing helmets that can withstand them. The best option is to purchase a ballistic helmet if you need to protect your head from gunfire.

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