Everything You Need To Know About Helmet-To-Helmet Communication

A helmet is necessary to make traveling safe for you. But it can block your connection with the surrounding people of the world. Moreover, if you have a Bluetooth helmet, you cannot feel cut off from others because you can have your devices attached to your helmet. Everything you need to know about helmet-to-helmet communication, Bluetooth is the best source for it, and you can easily talk with your ride partner. Bluetooth motorcycle helmets work as the method as any other Bluetooth device works. They use a tiny network with your devices and are too far from using any wires. The Bluetooth in these helmets does not fail to give you a stable connection, and a small battery powers it. 

Types of Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmets:

Helmet to Helmet Communication

However all of the Bluetooth motorcycle helmets perform the work of connecting with your devices, but there are two main types of Bluetooth Motorcycle helmets depending on their functioning. Which one is better for you? Here are the complete details of both to let you know.

1: Bluetooth Ready Helmets:

Bluetooth-ready helmets are easier to use. They are the most common type for use. They have grown up with Bluetooth functions, so as you unpack your helmet, you can use it as soon as possible. As these helmets have only single-touch technology, this is an extra benefit. You will have a complete set to enjoy an undisturbed Bluetooth connection with your mobile phone; press the button. 

2: Bluetooth Enabled Helmets:

Bluetooth-enabled helmets are another type of helmet. To attach a small Bluetooth device inside them, they have an attachment. While you have the helmet on, this Bluetooth attachment does not cause any distraction to you. So, you can select a Bluetooth authorized helmet too. Moreover, Bluetooth-ready helmets are mostly recommended because they are easier to use—Bluetooth Enabled Helmets are best for helmet-to-helmet communication

Pairing the Two:

You have to turn on the Bluetooth button on your helmet to pair with your device, so Bluetooth-ready helmets are easy to use. Then connect both helmet and device to look at the helmet Bluetooth on your smartphone’s Bluetooth scanner. However, if you want to buy a Bluetooth-enabled helmet, you should follow simple pairing steps.

  • Get yourself stereo quality headphones and a simple Bluetooth receiver. 
  • Disrupt the headphones and connect small speakers inside them.
  • Then connect the speakers with the Bluetooth receiver and attach them to your device.

You can also buy an already finished Bluetooth attachment in your helmet. It will assist you if you do not know how to connect gadgets and devices, but it will be costly.

Look for when buying a helmet:

Bluetooth has been discovered to change wired connections in short distances. It has outcomes in an aggregation of products, which involves execution into motorcycle helmets—Bluetooth technology helps in enabling helmet-and-smartphone connection. Riding allows the user to enjoy media and connect with communications. And it also helps in helmet-to-helmet communication with your riding partner. Many manufacturers give their integrated solutions for helmets; installing a helmet-to-helmet communication platform into any helmet is possible. Selecting a helmet with proper Bluetooth capabilities will save you time. 

Shoei, Arai, Bell, Schuberth, AGV, Klim do not give an integrated Bluetooth option. But some other brands like HJC, Torc, O’Neal, and Bilt gives inexpensive integrated Bluetooth options. 

Things necessary to keep in mind when Buying a Helmet or Add-On Device for Your Helmet:

1: Bluetooth Version:

it would be good to look for a v4.x or higher product because Bluetooth is now at revision 5. Newer revisions permit less power over greater distances and more data transfer. That means higher audio quality, many users connected via intercom, GPS navigation, music sharing, and more simultaneously.

2: Interoperability:

Some hardware plays well with others brand products. If you are not just listening to music and looking to connect with other riders, make sure to verify that your device can easily connect with other products and brands. 

3: Weatherproof:

Some electronics are not safe in the rain or are damaged due to moisture. So you should invest smart money on weatherproof gear if you ever see yourself riding in the rain. 

4: Battery life:

When you buy a helmet, you should properly check the battery life. Especially on longer rides, battery life matters more. 

5: Warranty:

It is good to ensure that the product you buy has a solid warranty because electronics can be volatile. Most major manufacturers give a 12-month guarantee on performance and parts but properly check before pressing the trigger.

6: Compatibility:

External intercom systems will be relatable with most of the helmets on the market. If you feel like your gear might be difficult to set up with an intercom, or you are running a half-helmet. Be sure to properly check with the manufacturer or do a frequent google search to see if anyone has consolidated a Bluetooth system into a similar helmet. Bluetooth systems in helmets help in the helmet to helmet communication

Uses of Bluetooth in helmets:

Bluetooth motorcycle helmets can perform several functions, as they are quite useful. Everything that usual Bluetooth headphones do, they also perform them. Let’s have a look at where you can use your Bluetooth helmet:

1: Speak with Passengers:

It is necessary to make up communication with your riding partners or passengers. It gets difficult to speak with your passengers when wearing a helmet. Even when sitting right behind you, you might feel disconnected from them. Sometimes the passengers might want to give you instructions or bring something to your notice. It is why keeping up helmet-to-helmet communication with your riding partners becomes necessary. Moreover, Bluetooth motorcycle helmets are best for helmet-to-helmet communication

It is essential, especially when you do not want to bore your company and go for long rides. Wearing Bluetooth helmets is the best way to enjoy motorcycle rides with your adventure partners. Moreover, it keeps you both safe and connected.

2: Kill Time:

The traffic jams cause frustration. All of us are aware of it. The jams get more disturbing when you do not have music or any company with you. It is the main thing that a Bluetooth helmet can help you save from this situation. 

While listening to soothing music, you can sit comfortably through a traffic jam. To catch the latest gossip, you can even tune in to your favorite radio channel. Listening to engaging discussions or podcasts and current affairs can also help you spend time easily. Another way to pass a traffic jam to catch up on the work you might be missing for this could be to ring a colleague.

3: Traffic updates:

It can be especially irritating when you select a detour and end up wasting more time to reach your destination. You can use your Bluetooth in the helmet to listen to the current traffic conditions to avoid these irritations. It will help you properly know which route is best you should take and which one you should avoid.

4: GPS:

GPS is the main thing that motorcycle riders always have difficulty keeping. To get an idea about which turns to take, they cannot afford to keep looking at their phone all the time. A moment’s disturbance can be harmful and even fatal. So, it is specifically difficult to recommend GPS for directions. With the GPS on, you can have your Bluetooth helmet attached to your mobile phone to control this situation. It is the best way, and you will not have to look at your phone screen for directions.

Dangers of Using Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet:

Helmets are used to give you safe while you ride. They help you keep safe from any head or brain injury in case of accidents. But, Bluetooth can lower your guard, and if you are not careful, it can cause you to meet more accidents. 

So, here are some of the important things that you have to keep in mind while using a Bluetooth helmet.

  • Before starting your journey, always attach the helmet to your device. It helps you stay prepared; otherwise, you might fall off while trying to locate the Bluetooth button as you ride. 
  • Be sure the audio playing on the inner side of your helmet is not too loud. It can distribute your attention from the road. And, even a tiny distraction can be dangerous to both you and other people around you. So, it is best to keep the sound normal to not cross the noise present around you.
  • While taking any turns, avoid changing radio channels or songs. While taking turns as it is easier to lose balance, it again might cause your motorcycle to topple over.
  • When there is a loss of sight between the two relays, Bluetooth devices can have connectivity issues at range. The more expensive a Bluetooth helmet has, the more widely it is.
  •  Music in the Bluetooth helmet is a hazard for motorcyclists because they cannot hear the sounds of cars and trucks behind them. And sometimes the rider taking phone calls during riding these all things cause distraction and accidents easily occur.

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