Best Ventilated Motorcycle Helmets for Hot Weather 2021

In a helmet, Good ventilation is essential. It will help keep your face shield fog-free when it is not, and it will help keep you cool when in the hot season. And if you travel long distances, it will mean you can ride more and longer between stops. Every rider requires using a motorcycle helmet with the best airflow on hot summer days. While riding the bike is a feeling none other than that feeling of the wind hitting the face. However, you cannot go on the road without a helmet. The best motorcycle helmet for hot weather is that helmet that has the best ventilation. As you have got to think about safety, you have got to have your helmet on. But now, in summer days, things can heat up rapidly inside the helmet. So you cannot think of traveling one too. Helmets would not be proper air circulation, one of the reasons why people feel shy of wearing them. However, you can continue to find the best-ventilated motorcycle helmets that can directly reduce sweat, itchiness, and more hotness due to enfolding.

black shoei helmet

Best Ventilated Motorcycle Helmets

Bell Qualifier Full-Face Helmet
FreedConn Motorcycle Bluetooth Helmet
ScorpionExo EXO-GT920 Full Face Modular Helmet
Full Face Rapid Street Helmet LS2Helmets
YEMA YM-915 Motorcycle ATV Helmet DOT Approved
Open Face Helmet DOT Approved YEMA YM-627 Motorcycle
Full Face Motorcycle Street Bike Helmet-GLX Unisex-Adult GX11
Full Face Motorcycle Helmet GDM DK-120

Bell Qualifier Full-Face Helmet

Bell’s helmets always cast the best impression on the rider. Besides, if you are looking for the best-ventilated motorcycle helmet in the market, this one would make you feel at ease. Its lightweight manufacturing combined with its bright appearance cannot make the wearer feel uncomfortable. Moreover, the NutraII anti-scratch and anti-fog shields assist the wearer in getting the most transparent view every time. And its lightweight manufacturing combination increases the comfort level even more. Talking about its more characteristics, you get the washable and removable inner liner that permits more comfort and healthy riding.

 Its padded wind collars play an essential role in decreasing the noise of the roads. The polycarbonate forms a shell and provides ultraviolet protection against the hazards of sunlight. For relatively hot days, you get through ventilation via an overall good flow of air. Moreover, this Bell helmet has been made with a particular airflow ventilation system; it enables the user to get the best ever-cool ride. Its approval from the DOT build makes it highly suggested.

  • To keep off the sweat germs is an Antibacterial liner
  • The considerable flow of air without any irritation anymore
  • Stylish and powerfully built with superb fitting
  • Crystal clear visor decrease the accident chances
  • Anti-scratch and the anti-fog bill provides you have the best viewing angle in haze and smoke
  • Headache due to the tight enough fit
  • The interior size differs from the given

With the latest technology aspects like integrated speakers, Bell Qualifier has obtained great appreciation from the users. Its ambitious designer-made look gives a good feeling to the riders.

FreedConn Motorcycle Bluetooth Helmet

Another one on the top list has several characteristics to make you feel powerful on every ride. First of all, it gives 3.0 Bluetooth; you are given a choice to keep connected to essential calls and GPS location tracking. It also provides availability of listening to music and voice commands; FM takes the helmet-wearing experience to another level of pleasure. Its best speaker offers you the best quality audio output. Besides, the excellent white color with the stylish couture is another way to comfort the sight.

Hot and sweaty motorcycle incident has already become void if you have this best-ventilated motorcycle helmet on your head. For regulation and ventilation of air, there is a cheek pad insert that absorbs the sweat. Its deodorant absorbent with the removability quality keeps the best hygiene of your head. In the given model of this helmet, there are a total of five colors. So you have the proper choice to pick up your preference. Its DOT-approved certification tells you of its quality for your priority. It manufactures to keep up the road safety standards.

  • Exhaustive airflow with deodorant liners
  • Robust and fast 3.0Bluetooth for GPS, calls, FM, and more
  • Modular and lightweight feel along with long-lasting shell makes it comfortable
  • The sun flip-down shield looks breakable
  • When you are riding, it feels a bit more noise

When you are finding a high-tech motorcycle helmet with the concern of proper air circulation, this would be a good choice. Relatable to riders, this helmet has a lot more to provide you than you have thought.

ScorpionExo EXO-GT920 Full Face Modular Helmet

A helmet is always a good idea to have that has been made with quality material. Similarly, this helmet is manufactured with polycarbonate material within the less weight. It is not necessary to think about over-weightiness. Moreover, the headcover of the motorcycle is designed by the Scorpion brand. It has a decent amount of ability to decrease impacts and uncontrolled jerks. It is not necessary to conceive about over-weightiness. In short, the helmet is the most reliable way to regard more distant trips.

With the dual quantity advanced level of multi-layered EPS technology, relaxation and comfort have become common. There is pretty much clarity in the built of its front shield. Hence it ultimately decreases the chance of accidents. You can say it has a great approach to the comfort of its user with 100% UV-A UV-B protection to the sight. The fog-free and anti-scratch technologies imply that the front shield has a great build.

Apart from this, the sun-visor has been made with detachable interchange technology. As you just have to drop the visor to flip up and down is relatively swift. Moreover, with anti-microbial built-in, the washable comfort liner permits you to always be safe, even from germs.

  • The anti-fog feature of the shield gives 100% UV protection
  • Washable and removable liner for a better way of head health
  • Best ventilation
  • All aspects like flipping up the visor are comfortable
  • KwikWick II washable liners
  • Very tight cheek pads
  • It does not have a pin lock

Believe it or not, this helmet keeps you cool both in temperature and style. On the cheek side, quite well-padded makes it the first choice for riders. On the cheek side, quite well-padded makes it the first choice for riders.

Full Face Rapid Street Helmet LS2Helmets

Due to its ultra-lightweight characteristics, this is one of the best-ventilated motorcycle helmets. Aside from, high-quality material does not make the lightweight unsafe to the head. Its maximum perspective towards user-friendliness and safety standards ranks it at the top of the list. Hypoallergenic padding is offered by the LS2 brand for the helmet to you this time.

Moreover, the detachable and washable lining and the pretty much comfortable feeling of wearing this helmet permit you to have a complete riding experience. You can 100% trust in its premium quality built because DOT approves it. Another concern to the helmets is the Aerodynamics factor. Because of the enclosed helmet, no one would like to get suffocated. When it comes to ventilation and airflow, this helmet does not straggle any behind in that case as well.

The ability to withstand harsh scratches and a decent amount of padding is what you will find a real deal. With UV protection and the fog-repellent front shield, your travel will indeed become more valuable and more secure. Its 3D foam with laser cut technology provides you comfort while you keep wearing it for a long time.

  • For keeping head cool, it is a good choice
  • Its quick-release strap helps you super easy to use
  • It gives the best comfort each time
  • Its design is rather odd
  • It will fog, so it cannot be used as a ski helmet

Wearing it for sports and cruisers and sport bikes so safety standards do not compromise. As a whole, this helmet gives an authentic appearance with eleven different styles and colors.

YEMA YM-915 Motorcycle ATV Helmet DOT Approved

This helmet is the best way to regard longer trips, with a reasonable approach to the safety parameter. It is the best motorcycle helmet for hot weather. It is because it provides you with thorough airflow and high-grade ventilation. Hence, sweat and irritating increase of hotness is now not a problem. The breathable liner with the disparate vents is all about a pleasant wearing experience.

Besides, the ABS embedded shell accompanying the multi-density EPS foam gives the rides the benefit of using it without the safety concern. It features a quick-to-release clasp and a strengthened chin strap to fit while riding fast and accurately. Indeed, to justify the best security and quality material, its aerodynamics is the best thing. Moreover, this helmet works wonderfully well because it is certified by the DOT set rules.

  • Inner space is present in it to fix goggle
  • The exhaust vents give a constant and light air to the head
  • It readily permits you to have the best DOT standards
  • The quick-release chin strap increase the comfort
  • Always let the rider feel comfort be it comfort fitting and ventilation
  • The less weight and large size design
  • The plastic material is a trash
  • Gives a pressed feel to the head when wearing for long hours

It is the best protective helmet for the two-wheeler. It is highly suggested for those who never compromise on ventilation. Its stylish appearance overwhelmed everything.

Open Face Helmet DOT Approved YEMA YM-627 Motorcycle

Not every helmet can provide you with the best ventilation, specifically on hot summer days. Besides, this YEMA Ym-637 will suit you the most when you do not want to discover the middle way on a helmet’s airflow. The proper ventilation is if there is one thing that defines the comfort level of this helmet. The manageable flow-through features let you make the ventilation as per your need. Furthermore, with a ¾ ratio-designed shell, you also get the open-face design that features the admixture of broader visibility.

Also, with an anti-smoke shield, the dual visor design leaves no stone unturned to give you utmost protection against the dangerous effects of a road crash. Carefully shaped and made, this motorcycle helmet is according to the DOT set standards. This one has become an in-demand two-wheeler helmet with all of the best-ever features. Features and options such as laser-cut foam, padded chin strap with quick-release buckle, and washable inner liner help in focused biking. 

  • Durable high-class ABS shell with the acceptance of DOT rules
  • Safety laser cut foam provides you a comfortable fit of the head
  • Multi-density EPS foam eliminates the impacts and skids
  • Within along with washable liners, extra space for glasses to fit
  • The matte black look and large size with underweight feels good
  • UV protection
  • Run smaller to its size
  • No Styrofoam inside

From interior to exterior, everything about this motorcycle helmet has been used with safety consideration. Besides, 100% anticipated ventilation and the ergonomic style make it a no-one choice for biking.

Full Face Motorcycle Street Bike Helmet-GLX Unisex-Adult GX11

This GLX is related to the helmet mentioned above, but it still has something unique. First of all, the design and style have a different look. The black shell with an oval shape makes this one a sober motorcycle helmet. Secondly, the durable and high-quality springs for the proper operation besides; to help you on rainy rides the water sealant function is also present.

The third one is the streamlined, ace ventilation panel and cooling process that helps the rider a great deal, specifically during the day. Even if you are still wearing gloves, the large lower vents can operate with ease. When you have to ride a bike, the impact and shock are not uncommon things. Its ESP foam permits you to keep away from all those injuries.

It allows you to use twist highways and bumpy roads, which means this is a quality-made product. The DOT certified offer takes care of the rashes, impacts, or any kind of sudden head crash. The fully removable and washable inner comfort liner cannot be the cause of your poor head health.

  • Shock and impact absorption with ESP foam
  • Comfortable chinstrap, fully ventilated
  • Five-stage rotating dial keep away from the fogging
  • Smoked and clear shield available for choice
  • Padding is not hard-wearing
  • The analysis is a disaster

Without any doubt, this is the best helmet for ultimate head security. It is a fitting style; the user-friendly approach makes it a new sensation among the riders.

Full Face Motorcycle Helmet GDM DK-120

Unlike the seven helmets mentioned above, this GDM DK-12O has been manufactured with a singularly unique look. It has been made with a different style that keeps the motorcycle rider safe at all times. It is a full-face helmet with the facility of Bluetooth. Besides, the OT FMVSS-218 Certified build permits you to have the best option. Along with aerodynamic shell design, the flush-fit antibacterial liner is the best way to keep the wearer’s head safe and healthy.

Moreover, the liners are also removable and washable to keep hygiene. It never feels rough on use besides the double D-ring chin strap. This helmet falls into the category of lightweight with the help of poly-alloy. Apparently, due to the lightweight, it has a double D-Ring chin strap with holder and five points of ventilation with chin, rear, and forehead vents. And, therefore riding in the humid sun is not of any concern.

Apart from the clear shield, three more different styles are iridium chrome and tinted. The face visor, which is scratch and UV-proof, permits you to flip and swap it with quite much ease. Its compound-curved characteristics in the shield add further another component of ergonomics. It is best to use a motorcycle ATV, on-street bike UTV, scooter, etc. This helmet brand executes the preventive rules set by DOT. Further, there are a lot more characteristics that you will find on wearing.

  • Anti-scratch, UV protection, and flush-fit antibacterial liners
  • Five points of ventilation with multiple areas to keep the airflow regulated
  • With Polly-ally Aerodynamics hard shell keeps it relatively light in weight
  • Best suitable for scooters, motorcycles, UTV, ATV, etc.
  • Side-coverless two or more simple curved face shield
  • Forehead pad, weird cheek it squeezes
  • The shield comes off

When you are on trips and bike tours, this is a lifesaver. Further, the ultra-ventilation is what you approve of in the first place.

What to observe when looking to buy the best ventilated motorcycle helmets?

Aside from being well-ventilated, a motorcycle helmet should have other characteristics that increase the safety of the rides and make the ride more comfortable. While buying rejects everything else results in a severe road crash that can be dead dealing on the point. So, to avoid that, one should observe a few other things that have been explained below.

1: DOT Approved

Who would wish to have such a helmet that permits the air in along with the risk of head injury? Surely no one! Besides, the aim of putting on a headcover is always to save the head in the first place. Therefore, it is suggested not to overlook the DOT certification as it plays an essential role.

2: Perfect Size & Shape

Bike helmets are available in various shapes and sizes, such as oval, full-face, round, and open-face. Try on the helmet you want to buy to get exact; measure your head. If it fits perfectly, neither tight nor loose, you can choose it as your next ride.

3: Quick-Release Buckle and Chinstrap

A chinstrap that has support to the chin comfortably and is padded would be the best choice. It mainly combines the headgear to the helmet to keep the chin area at a good angle and secured. Hence, make sure your best-ventilated motorcycle helmet does feature a quick-release strap so that you do not have to waste time fixing it.

4: Visor

A misty leaky front visor can never give you the safest bike ride. Do not waste your time fixing the projection of your, instead select a helmet that has an anti-fog visor and clear scratch-proof. It also makes sure to keep safe from dangerous road accidents. It would be best if you select a quick-change shield to clean it.

5: Impact Absorption & Comfortable Lining

The relieving thing for the two-wheeler is with enough ability and comfortable inner padding to cancel the sudden unwanted jerks and impacts. It also keeps the head safe and sounds from the sharp noises that you will find irritating. A soft pulpy liner in the helmet present next to your chair gives the advantage of safety, comfort, and an enjoyable ride.

6: Protection    

Well, the primary purpose of wearing a helmet is that it will give you safety and protection. Of course, the helmet will prevent you from crashes or impacts. But it will also keep your head safe from other things such as snow, rain, and heavy wind, etc. So, make sure the helmet you select gives the required protection against these things.

7: Price

Price is one of the most critical factors of every purchase decision. In this review, we have evaluated helmets to recognize people with different budget ranges and affordability. Motorcycle helmets come with a broad supply of price ranges. Buying the most expensive helmet will not ensure your safety. Make sure you get a helmet that gives excellent value for money and has the best price to performance ratio. You must contact the best out of your investment.

8: Certification

The helmets that come without any certification never buy them. All the helmets that we explained above are ECE or DOT certified. The certified helmets are made with the best quality material, and they give the best durability and safety. Helmets that relate to the Federal Standard characteristics have a firm polyester inner liner about one inch thick. If the helmet does not involve any type of padding inside, it is not certified or safe.

helmet with motorcycle

Different Helmet types

The first thing you need to determine is the helmet type you want to wear. Now there are different options out there in this consideration. You have got your full jet helmets, open jet helmets, modular helmets, motocross, off-roaders, and so on.

If you want to get a helmet for regular use, go with modular ones or full jet. Full jet ones give excellent safety all around, so do the modular ones. However, you can make some fast changes like turning over the helmet and using it without the chin guard, with the later one.

Set up your mind and choose the right one that goes with your requirement.

1: Material

Selecting the fitting material helmet is the difference between you walking out of the crash without any scratch or not. If you get a light plastic helmet with a single line of EPS liner inside, there is the possibility that it might not hold off against those crashes.

But a durable carbon fiber or polycarbonate shell will give you durability against the hits. It will also disperse the impact to ensure you do not get the crash effects on the head. So, be clever about your choice. Get a lightweight, durable material that would keep you safe, not just go for the light choice just because it feels more satisfying on the neck.

2: Comfort

Comfort is something that matters to every rider without any doubt. And the thing that performs a part in it is the inner liner. If you get an excellent cushion inside that does not build up the heat much and feels good to the skin’s touch, that is already a good choice. You also need to make sure you also need a secure head position inside the helmet, so it is not too soft. That is a bad omen if your head moves around a lot there.

3: Ventilation

To beat the burning summer heat, you require a properly ventilated helmet. The number of exhaust and intake vents in a well-designed helmet will swig in the cold air and ambush out the hot ones like that. Also, the liner with proper adorning inside will help the airflow to be flawless. SO, that is something to recognize too.

4: Other stuff

While selecting the headgear then there are many other things that you should always observe. Like that, how easy it is to handle. If it gives a secure and comfortable release system, that is still a sign of quality. Also, having a washable and removable liner is the best thing. You can get the sweat and stink of those materials when you need them and get a fresh feel inside. Plus, you need good shields to keep the wind from hitting hard on the face when traveling too fast on the road.

As well as a sun shield to give shade to block the sun from getting on your eyes. Make a list of things you want and try to tick one by one according to the priority to bring you the best possible apparatus. And you should have the budget on top of that checklist as it would help you keep down the search parameter big time. But if you feel like spending a little bit more on a quality helmet, you can be a little bit flexible with it.

Are ventilated helmets better than non-ventilated ones?

Well, it is not in all cases. In addition to this, some of the helmets are best-ventilated and readily decrease the external noises. However, the exterior of the ventilated hamlet is manufactured to let the air in automatically bring some of the road noise into the helmet, as a rule of thumb.

Motorcycle helmets smell bad

One of the definite reasons for the bad smell in the helmet is because they are closed. Moreover, to that, the continuous breathing of the helmet wearer does affect the internal environment. In addition to this, the increase of sweat, another reason for the bad smell, is the quality of the helmet’s material.

Importance of the Helmet

1: Minimizes the Risk of Head Injuries

For most, fatal accidents and head injuries are the most common reason. Sometimes we avoid wearing the helmet when there are short distances. But, even in the oddest time or places, accidents can occur anytime. Head injuries are among the most killing injuries, so even if you somehow manage to survive after injury, you can have lifetime damage from the accident. Wearing a helmet will eliminate these risks to a significant accident.

2: Provides Better Visibility

Some things will block your view when you are traveling on a motorcycle. Buying a helmet with a good shield will increase the visibility to a great extent and help you see the road more clearly. It will also save your eyes from pollution and dust when you are riding fast.

3: Style

A helmet with a great view will make you perfect the eye-focus on the streets. A stylish helmet will make your opinion a lot more classy and rugged. There are some helmets present in the market with the best design. So, get a helmet that will not only keep you safe but also make you look more presentable.

Benefits of wearing the best ventilated motorcycle helmets

No one can disagree with the help of wearing a motorcycle helmet. However, when it comes to wearing a ventilated headcover, it becomes, all in all, a comfortable ride. Such as:

  • A carefree bike experience means no sweat.
  •  No rashes and irritation due to continuous sweating. 
  • Moreover, if you cannot keep the sweaty ride in a closed helmet, the air vents ideally help.
  • The head health keeps in the best state because the antibacterial property in the comfort lines helps in sweat absorption more. 
  • People with health diseases like Asthma should select a helmet that permits a good flow of air throughout.
  • When the air has pores to come and go out of the exhaust vents automatically, the threat of haze fogging on the front should become less. Besides, it eliminates bike crashes and skids.

When you have to ride on hot summer days, the best ventilated motorcycle helmets for hot weather allows you to ride for more times without any stop due to the increase of heat.

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