A Guide On How To Clean Helmet Visors

As your motorcycle is of great importance, your helmet is the best safety partner. Helmets protect you against sun, wind, dust, heat, rain, insects, and much more. So, how can you ignore it? You must take care of it and learn how to clean and maintain it. Today, the helmets come with visors that act as a protective window. You must take care of it as it is expensive to replace. So, this article will serve as a guide on how to clean helmet visors.

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Which Equipment Do You Need?

Before you learn how to clean helmet visors, you should know which equipment you would require for the cleaning process. Usually, people refer to their owner’s manual to know the specifics of cleaning the helmet. It will ensure that you are working carefully and not violating your manufacturer’s warranty. While everyone would clean their way, a few essential equipment and guidelines will prove quite helpful.

Microfiber Cloths

These clothes are ideal for washing the motorbike helmet and the visor. You don’t need new clothes every time. However, the clothes need to be clean, otherwise cleaning would not be effective.


You can use an old or cheap toothbrush for motorcycle cleaning purposes. The toothbrush bristles help properly clean the nooks and corners. It is beneficial in cleaning the visor.  


You can use shampoo as a cleaning agent for your motorcycle. However, you should not use petroleum-based shampoo. Baby shampoos are preferred for this purpose as they are mild.

Warm Water

Warm water is best to loosen dirt and debris without damaging any of the helmet parts.

Compressed Air

You can use an air compressor to gauge the pressure and force the dirt out of the helmet vents. You should be careful and not use the air from the aerosol can, as it may damage the EPS lining of your helmet. So, it might significantly damage its protective capacity.

How to Protect Your Visor?

You can prolong the lifespan of your helmet and visor if you take good care of them. So, when you ride, you should not follow other motorcyclists or riders too closely as it will force you into the firing range of dirt and debris.

When the air is dusty, you should not ride with the visor up as the dust will go inside and damage the anti-fog lining. And when you stop by a shop or petrol pump, you should put your helmet in a safe spot so that it never falls off. When a helmet is hit, visors being the most sensitive area, are likely to get damaged. You should know that bike seats, handlebars, and mirrors are not relatively safe places.

How to Clean Helmet Visors?

If you carry your helmet along to a restaurant or café, you should be careful as people might shove their dirty hands all over the visor. As motorists are less likely to touch other people’s helmets, non-riders are usually more obsessed with the helmet’s beauty. They are likely to pick it up, examine it, and admire it. It usually happens if you have a catchy design helmet. The worst part is that people tend to stick their oily hands inside the visor, which risks anti-fog coating. So, the best advice is to save your helmet in the soft felt bag when you are not using it. You may also consider placing the helmet in a cool and dry place (protected from direct sunlight). Also, you may hide the visor side, so it is not exposed to people. Hence, it will reduce the chances of damage.  

How Can You Clean Your Helmet Visor?

If you bang into a bug, you should not wipe clean using gloved hands. The reason is that it can smudge the visor or scratch it. You should never dry-wipe the visor, regardless of how soft cleaning material you use.

It is always recommended to use a visor cleaner (like baby shampoo) and warm water to clean it. You should avoid sprays that consist of oil as they may leave a greasy coating on the visor. Hence, it will form a flash or starring effect when you look towards the street light and approach the headlights or the sun.

Though, eucalyptus oil is an exemption as it dries out immediately without leaving a smear. Also, its fragrance will improve your helmet-wearing experience. Professional motorbike visor sprays are usually more expensive than household window cleaners. Also, there is no significant difference. The ideal helmet cleaners are alcohol-based as it quickly evaporates and does not leave any mark.

You should grab a small spray dispenser and pour some cleaner into it. You can easily put the dispenser in your pocket or backpack.

A microfiber cloth is ideal for this purpose. Ensure the cloth is spotless and does not drop on the floor as dirt may stick on it. Keep in mind even minute dirt can scratch your visor. So, never compromise on cloth cleanliness.

How to Remove a Bug from Visor?

However, if you find dried bugs on your visor, let the cleaner sit on it for some time before you wipe clean it with a microfiber cloth. The cleaner will soften the bug particles and make cleaning easy. Besides, you can also detach the visor for cleaning purposes. You can soak it in warm soapy water. Then, clean it off with fresh water, and allow it to dry. If there are any marks of water left, you can use a window cleaner and dry tissue to wipe them off.

How to Take Care of the Visor?

An ideal way to protect your visor is to apply a ceramic coating. These quotes are readily available in the market and quite affordable. Also, many manufacturers sell user-friendly DIY kits. So, you have everything to clean and protect your visor. If your visor features an anti-fog coating, you should never use alcohol-based cleaners, as it can damage the coating.

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