Dual Sport Helmet: Complete Guide

When it comes to motorcycle helmets, there are many options to choose from. If you’re starting, the process can be a little overwhelming. In this guide, we’ll look at dual sport helmets and help you figure out if they’re the right choice. We’ll also provide tips on finding the best dual sport helmet for your needs. Let’s get started!

The next thing you should think about buying a helmet is that it should be appropriate for your activity. For instance, if you are a daring driver who enjoys high-speed rides, a dual sport helmet is the recommended protective gear.

What Is A Dual Sport Helmet 

A dual sport helmet combines an off-road helmet and a full-face helmet into a single piece of protective headgear. The off-road helmet’s large visor, low chin bar, and interior padding contribute to the comfort of the full-face helmet. Due to this design, dual sport helmets are suitable for both on-road and off-road motorcycle riders. Following it, here are the various types of dual sport helmets.

Dual Sport Helmet Varieties

Dual sport helmets have various types. Some of these varieties are listed below:

  • Crossover Helmet 

Crossover helmets have removable and re-assemblable parts. This feature of these helmets improves their effectiveness in various situations.

  • Hybrid Helmets

Off-road and street full-face motorcycle helmets are combined in hybrid helmets. Riders can benefit from helmet functions for rough terrain and full-face protection for street riding.

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What Characteristics Characterize A Good Dual Sport Helmet?

Dual Sport helmets come in various styles, but they must have comprehensive and high-quality features that you should look for. They are as follows:

1. The Outer Shell

The outer shell of a helmet serves as the first layer of protection. It protects the rider’s back, top, and front of the head. As a result, this shell must be made of durable materials to protect the head from minor to severe impact during an accident. Furthermore, as the outer shell covers the entire head, it is best to keep it lightweight for added comfort.

2. The Chin Bar

In unexpected collisions, the chin and jaw are frequently severely damaged. Dual sport helmets, like full-face helmets, should have a chin bar to provide extra protection for the chin. As a result, riders must ensure that this is included by paying close attention to this headgear feature for the dual-sport helmet and all types of head protection.

3. Visor Or Face Shield

Eye protection is also essential for all drivers, and the visor provides that extra layer of protection. Sunglasses also protect riders from sunburn and windburn, covering the front of the helmet, and preventing loud winds from damaging their ears. Visors in dual sport helmets are also movable, allowing riders to wear goggles.

4. Liners For Safety

Safety liners, made of expanded polystyrene foam (EPS), protect the rider’s head from sudden impacts. Some EPS foam is single-layered, while dual-layer liners are used in helmets for added effect and protection. Helmets must fit perfectly because any discomfort can cause road distractions, leading to an unintentional accident.

5. Built To Be Lightweight

Dual sport helmets are ideal for long rides that alternate between road and rugged terrain.

These constant changes in terrain can strain your neck, especially if your headgear is heavy.

Helmets for multiple sports To avoid stress buildup caused by heavy helmets, make sure it is lightweight. Keeping a dual sport helmet lightweight is preferable, but you need to take durability into account as well.

6. Technology For Shock Absorption

Though riding a motorcycle makes traveling more convenient, all riders know that unexpected and unwelcome accidents can occur. Manufacturers have investigated using energy absorption technology to provide riders with additional safety and protection.

Safety liners have become important in absorbing energy from sudden impacts, reducing the possibility of heat damage.

7. Flip-Up Modules

Riders now have greater visibility and ventilation thanks to flip-up modules.

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How Do We Select The Best Dual Sport Helmets

One of the first questions you should ask yourself is how much of your riding will be on the street and how much will be off-road. Companies manufacture dual sport helmets to perform both functions, but there are features to look for when selecting a dual sport helmet that will be more suitable for one than the other.

The following are the top three things to think about:

1. Security Impact:

The primary function of any bike helmet is to protect your head. The fantastic thing is that with the most recent technological advancements in security and design, you get a lot of the qualities of the best-selling helmets filtering down into entry-level helmets priced around $200. The MX-9’s Bell MIPS technology is an excellent example of this.

2. Ventilation:

It is especially important when riding off-road at slower speeds and with more physical exertion. Generally, the more vents there are, the better for double sports helmets that are also closable. However, if you live in a warmer climate, and almost all of our riding is off-road, you will never close them. 

Dual Sport Helmets That Are Both Affordable And Long-Lasting

The protective headgear you must buy should be appropriate for your riding activity. Check out the following budget-friendly yet extremely durable dual sport helmets for road safety.

1. Arai Tour Cross 3

The Arai Tour Cross 3 is mainly for adventure motorcycles. This multi-purpose helmet is fashionable but also loaded with features that make it ideal for high-speed rides. This helmet employs PB-cLc, transforming the outer shell to become flexible and strong while remaining lightweight.

2. Arai V-Cross 4 

The Arai V-cross 4 visor has improved deflect debris during high-speed rides. Even though this helmet has multiple functions, its safety and protection remain excellent.

3. Shoei Hornet Adv

The Shoei Hornet Adv is made of Advanced Integrated Matrix Plus (AIM+), a high-performance organic material composed of multiple fiber layers. The shell of this helmet is more durable, strong, elastic, and lightweight.

4. Shoei Neotec II Excursion 

This helmet is a two-in-one helmet with many features that users will appreciate while driving. It has an internal sun shield protecting against sun glare and UV rays. The Advanced Integrated Matrix Plus, or AIM+, makes this helmet lightweight, durable, and elastic.

5. OGK Kabuto Kazami

The experts have designed OGK Kabuto Kazami to provide extra comfort to riders on the road. This helmet features an improved aerodynamic structure, proper air ventilation, a flip-up system, and many other features. It is appropriate for both novice and experienced riders today.


In conclusion, we can say that dual-sport helmets are a must-have gear for bike riding. Make sure you choose helmets wisely and per your external activities body. Moreover, ensure that your headgear is up to par so you can enjoy your long rides without worrying about your safety.

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