A Guide on Motorcycle Helmet Brands to Avoid

Selecting the right motorcycle helmet is necessary. Because it does not only save your life, it also increases your comfort riding. When your bike gets into an accident at that time, the helmet plays a big role. It is a reason that is why we need to select a better brand of helmet. But the question is which motorcycle helmet brands to avoid. So, which motorcycle brand we should avoid explaining below. It can help you in selecting the best motorcycle helmet brand.

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Motorcycle Helmet Brands to Avoid

Every brand of helmet is not perfect. Some brands have fewer safety standards, and some do not have the best features. Moreover, some are very expensive against their safety gears. Hence, finding a helmet that is best for riding is a difficult task in such a situation. In addition to this, a helmet has safety standards and ultra-features at a very reasonable price. A bike helmet with a sun visor is best in the summer and avoids direct sun rays. Safety is first in selecting any helmet so, if the helmet does not relate to DOT or European safety standards, then avoid it. So, here are some brands to avoid them.

1: SHARK Helmet Brand

Shark has gained a high rank in all over the best helmet manufacturer in the market, providing an increased range of premium-quality blends and the best helmets. The previous customers have observed a few drawbacks in their models.

The Reasons to Avoid

  • Shark brands have the most expensive models. Its expensive models have no additional features like Bluetooth and headphones.
  • Finding a helmet that provides safety and prevents injury. Shark Spartan Matte, Shark SKWAL Trion Matte, and Shark Vancore Matte models have some safety problems.
  • A bike helmet with a sun visor is necessary for summer, but Shark Speed-R Avenger and Shark S-700 model sun visors do not work properly.

2: AVG brand

AGV helmets have the best protection, safety, durability, and reliability features. Also, most helmets are at number one in all safety tests and relate to the safety standards. They are manufactured with the best quality features. But, some models there have low quality. So, this is one of the motorcycle helmet brands to avoid.

Reason to Avoid

  • The helmets of AVG brands are costly as related to others in the helmet market. With a limited budget, you cannot purchase them.
  • MS (medium-small) and X- 11 models of AVG brand have some fitting problems.
  • Finding a helmet provides the best protection and safety, but AVG-K6, AVG Sports Modular models have some safety problems.

3: HJC Helmets

HJC has more than 45 years of experience in helmet manufacturing. They have the best quality features. This brand always gives stylish, extremely comfortable, and top-quality helmets to their customers. They have no comparison as a brand, but few models are avoidable in the market.

Reason to Avoid

  • The price can be an issue for you if you have a limited budget. 
  • HJC I-50, HJC IS-17, HJC FG-17, and HJC CS-R 3 are observed with some safety issues by customers.
  • Helmets of HJC IS-17 and HJC FG-14 do not fit some customers.
  • A bike helmet with a sun visor on hot days is necessary, but HJC, some models do not have sun visors properly.

4: Shoei Qwest

SHOEI Qwest is one of the best helmet brands in the market. These helmets are full-face that give multiple ranges of models to their users and also provide quality products. Most importantly, the users should observe the pros and cons of that product before purchasing. For instance, users have observed some flaws in some models of the SHOEI brand in their feedback.

Reason to Avoid

  • SHOEI GT Air –II, Shoei L, and SHOEI Neotec- II Blue models have some safety problems.
  • Their helmets which have low costs are lacking advanced features like Bluetooth.
  • A bike helmet avoids sun rays and helps in comfortable riding. Try to avoid Shoei RF-1200 CWR and Shoei CWR-1 Pick Lock because these models have issues.
  • The quality of the helmet plays an important role in your safety, so; due to this, it is necessary.
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Helmets with good quality material

Helmets should have good quality. The padding, fiber, foam, all the things used on the inner side of the helmet should be strong. The helmet is fully ready to save a person in case of an accident. Further, a quality material helmet does not easily break.

Helmet brands that have safety issues

A user should consider all safety standards before purchasing a helmet. Safety means well-settled steps, buckles, foam, padding, etc. He should also avoid such a brand that does not give him complete protection.

But our head is not covered; a helmet is very necessary to keep the head safe. That is the main reason why you should select a helmet that is certified.

Helmet brands that is not providing fitting

If the helmet does not work properly on your head, it affects your comfort riding. Moreover, the best brand is one that fits properly on your head. That’s why you should select a brand that has the best fitting and works properly on your head.

Helmet brands that heavyweight or lose weight

People should avoid such helmets that have lost weight or are overweight because they burden their heads. However, if there is less weight on the helmet, then it moves on your head. In both situations, a bike rider cannot ride comfortably. So, he should wear a perfect helmet before starting the ride.

The right weight of the helmet should not be less than 700 grams and more than 1.2 kg. In addition to that, the visors that are present in the helmet play an important role. Because when we are riding, it protects us from most of the dirt, mud, dust coming on our faces by wearing a helmet. And it also saves your face from the direct rays of the sun. So, it gives you a comfortable ride.

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