A Guide On How to Wash Motorcycle Helmet Liner

Can you bear anything filth near your face? Surely, Not. So, if you are a motorcyclist, you should take care of your helmet. Your helmet remains in close contact with your face and head and absorbs sweat and sebum. So, dirty helmets will make you feel bad. So, if you have a helmet, you know that liner is a complicated part. Deep cleaning a motorbike helmet with liner is not easy. So, this article is a guide on how to wash motorcycle helmet liner.

Motorcycle helmet

What are the Types of Helmet?

When it comes to cleaning helmets, there are two types available: one with detachable liners and the other without them. So, if you have a helmet with a detachable liner, it is easy to clean. However, if you have other types, you may have to put in more significant effort.

When to Wash the Helmet?

After prolonged use of helmets, the inner side gets filthy. And you would not be comfortable putting your head in it. So, the best solution is to wash the motorcycle helmet liner. Your helmet inner lining is probably made of fabric and requires regular washing. So, if you live in a warm climatic region, sweat and dirt will likely ruin the helmet more frequently. Another factor that influences the regularity of washing the helmet is how often you use it. You may carry out a sniff test if you are unsure when to wash. 

What is a Helmet Liner?

Helmet liners are usually made of high-density foam lining covered by a moisture-wicking cloth. These liners cover the inner side of the helmet and act as a cushion. However, without a liner, you would not be comfortable wearing a helmet.

Moreover, liners also help mold your skull according to the helmet design. So, it helps prevent any wrong movement and firmly fixes the helmet to the head after being strapped. In contrast, other liners cape over your skull like a beanie that acts as an extra layer of insulation and warmth for colder days.

Even if you live in a cold region, covering your head with a foam-lined helmet will make you sweat. The airflow in your helmet enables extra cooling and helps dry out the sweat. So, even in winters, you must wash motorcycle helmet liner after several rides.

How to Wash a Helmet?

Before you begin the helmet washing process, you should review the label for washing guidelines. Hence, you can easily wash your regular clothes, but double-check is always a good idea. Experts recommend washing helmets in the washing machine. Though, due to the cloth’s small size, hand-washing and then allowing it to air dry is also ideal as it will enable the liner to last for a long time. It may take a few minutes and is endorsed by experts.

The washing machine that is loaded with clothes is likely to overstretch and rip the liner. Also, the spin cycle of the machine processed it through the wringer. However, the padded elements of the helmet can also lose their shape.

So, it is best to bathe the liner in a bucket with soapy water. Then you should rinse with warm water and squeeze extra water out. Also, air drying will be ideal, as it will help the liner last longer. Moreover, it will prevent the foam cushioning from huddling up.

So, if you use a washing machine, you should skip the dryer and allow it to air dry. Also, the nylon and microfleece beanie-type liners grip well in the washing machine and the dryer. However, if you have the inner liner and beanie type, you should try washing them together and allow them to air dry. So, those who ride regularly usually have two or more liners as you will have a fresh one available each time. Last of all, when you remove the liner, you should clean the inner side of the helmet using a cleaning spray or deodorizer.

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How to Take Care of Your Helmet?

While you regularly wash your liners for a fresh experience, you should also be mindful of taking care of your helmet. So, below are the dos and don’ts of your helmet care. Majority of the people tend to clean their helmet the wrong manner or use wrong products, so end up in a loss. So, you should follow these guidelines to save yourself:


  • Always use mild soaps (like baby shampoo or mild detergents) when you clean the liner.
  • Use a cloth piece (dipped in warm water) to clean any bugs before you wipe them out gently.
  • You should use a soft and scratch-free microfiber cloth for cleaning purposes.
  • Use locomotive polish on the gloss helmet shell.
  • Cotton pads are ideal for cleaning vents and joints.
  • Air drying your helmet and liner is better. You may use a room fan to speed up the process.
  • Safeguard your helmet using an automotive wax coat, as it will help prevent water spots and filth from sticking to the surface.
  • Grease the moving parts of the helmet.
  • You should wear a liner like a skull cap or scarf to shield the liner from sweat and body filth.


If you have a helmet, you should never do the following:

  • Brush the helmet shell or visor, mainly to wipe away stubborn bug guts.
  • Using a petroleum distillate or solvent-based cleaner is ideal for your helmet.
  • A glass cleaner or any ammonia-based cleaner is also best to clean the helmet visor.
  • Use harsh soaps to clean your helmet.
  • Avoid dryer sheets to wipe your helmets as they may have harsh chemicals that may cause allergic reactions.
  • Use fabric softeners
  • Place your liner in the dryer.

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