Top Drag Racing Helmets in 2022

Drag racing can be a quite straightforward concept. It is just like other games. The one person who crosses the end line first will win the race. It can be the first racing series since the cars were established. Moreover, distance is not confirmed or fixed for it. Length varies from nation to nation and from tournament to tournament. The most commonly used distance is 402 meters or 1/8 miles among all distances. For it, unique cars are available and so are the drag racing helmets.

Drag race will have some of the fastest drag radial cars from all around the world like the world’s fastest car LS, the world’s fastest small block, the fastest quarter-mile, and also contains the world’s fastest mile per hour car. 

Drag racing was started in 1930. It is still very famous all around the world. You must have a particular helmet to participate in this race because all the 8.59 or quicker cars are not typical. These cars are very powerful and dangerous because they can cause car crashes at any time due to short street races. That’s why you have to pick the safest helmet. 

It doesn’t matter whether you are a beginner or professional; a good quality helmet is an important and foremost investment for any racing competition. Rather than drag racing, the safe and the best helmet will protect your full face and head in case of any mishap like a road accident. It is your choice that you can choose a full-face helmet or open face helmet. But on quality and safety, you have to select the best and safest helmet certified with Snell SA2015.

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Top drag racing helmets

Research for drag racing helmets is increasing day by day on the internet. There is a need for a helmet only whether you are participating in a drag race, running autocross, or track. The helmet is very important for the racers, who participate in different races day by day. It is the original and preeminent investment for beginner racers. 

Today, in this high-speed racing, safety is very important to lead your enthusiasm in all these racing competitions. Safety could be the most important concern for any driver. So, you have to select the most comfortable and the safest helmet. 

Due to so many helmets in the market. Here is a list of some top drag racing helmets so you can easily choose for yourself:

1: RaceQuip full-face helmet

RaceQuip is a very large brand and contains many kinds of helmets useful in racing. The design of their drag racing helmets is contemporary and comes along with modern technologies and interventions. The quality of helmets is improving continuously with innovative modifications according to the needs of the racers. The helmet’s shell can be prepared by a reinforced polymer fibre that is perfectly designed to balance its lightweight and affordable price. The material of the body is very strong and sturdy enough to make the shell protected from the impacts. For the bad side, comfortable Normex material is used along with the exhaust vents installed on the back and top of your headgear to make your head cool. 

Keep the rider protected, and their helmet comes with an installed M6 threaded HANS that can be attached with a shell and an EPS liner. That installation is very protective for the rider to save him from extensive head and neck strains. That helmet can come with a 3mm polycarbonate face shield and a pivot kit that can be scratch-resistant. It helps save your face and eye from any harmful sharp material. It can also make you free from distortion. Another attachment that comes along with is factory-installed hand ratcheting tear-off posts. 

A silicone eye port gasket on the helmet seal is used to keep the dust and dirt out. It can be used to keep your eyes safe and does not allow anything to come inward. Glass shields also contain anti-fogging properties that can not make the blurred vision on that eye-port. Another important feature is that you can also use your glasses with that. It is available in different sizes and different colours. One of the most important factors considered and its top position in helmets are certified with the Snell SA2015.

2: Conquer full face auto racing helmet

This kind of helmet is the most preferred and appreciated helmet by almost all the racing drags. The manufacturer of that auto racing and helmet is Conquer which can be a superior and aggressive selection for the racing drivers competing in auto racing. The inner side of the head protector is structured according to the needs of their clients. This helmet is 3mm scratch protected that can empower it to stay longer and figure out how to endeavour in case of accident and mishap. 

It also contains fire retardant properties that can make the rider safe during fire accidents in the automobiles in the racing. The shell of that helmet is lightweight and is made up of fibreglass. That gives comfort to the client by not applying any pressure. It also contains inner Cushing, which is also a fire retardant. The helmet’s inner padding gives you comfort and the benefit of removing and washing it easily. 

Another feature of this helmet is that it contains a Kevlar Jaw tie that makes it secure during riding. Additionally, it also has removable cheek pads for the driver. The ventilation system of that helmet is by large and very excellent. Wind flows through the vents in the helmet to make sure that the driver feels cool and comfortable during tricky and challenging rides. 

The main feature of a top helmet is the Snell SA2015 ensure cap. The benchmark of the Snell is the highest set of defensive standards that can meet only solid and with the most defensive cap. This helmet is also present in different colours and sizes according to the customer’s needs. Its weight is about 4.85 pounds.

3: Conquer Snell open face racing helmet

Conquer Snell open face helmet is one of the stylish and elegant headgears among helmets for drag racer drivers. They are the most cherished and desirable helmets in the auto racing field. These helmets are specially made to full fill the major requirement of the client that is their safety. People are very concerned about their safety. The shell of that helmet can be made up of carbon fibreglass, which is mainly used to make a lightweight and solid helmet. The requirement of every driver is a lightweight helmet to shed off some additional weight and keep their head free from stress. 

This helmet can provide you with a comfortable fit by keeping in mind the comfort of their drivers because the helmets that do not fit properly on the head are not safe for the driver, especially during the competitive tracks. The helmet also contains padding inside it. Padding is very comfortable and also has a fire-resistant property. It is an improved action to keep the face and the driver’s head safe during any fire incident. Like other helmets, the pads of this helmet are also removable and washable to contribute to your clean and healthy lifestyle. 

In the helmets of Conquer, HANS threaded is already installed to keep your head and neck free from strain. They also provide you with an additional opportunity to use another device to make your head and neck free from stress. That can also come with a Drawstring bag and a Kevlar chin strap to make it more secure for their clients. Different helmets are available, from small to extra-large, and various colours are also available. This helmet is also certified with Snell SA2015 to secure it for drivers. The weight of this helmet is around 4.5 pounds.

4: Conquer Snell SA2015 Auto racing helmet

This company is always contributing to drag racing helmets with modern innovation and technologies. A new helmet is launched containing further modifications and improved technology. These helmets are specially designed for auto racers to provide them with ease and comfort during their racing tour. The modern feature of this helmet is that it is designed with aerodynamic stability that provides comfort and the feel of wearing a light helmet during their racing journey. The aerodynamic design makes the helmet more innovative and simple to use technology. The material of the shell also makes it lightweight. 

This helmet ventilation system is efficient. It contains a chin bar, forehead, and top vents to make it airier and fresher. It also has top and front vents, a helmet providing improved airflow, and a heat exhaust system. Some also contain a superior comfort fit. Comfort fit is a feature that makes it the most desirable helmet for drag racers. A most important factor contributing a lot to its comfort is that it contains soft pillow-like padding. 

The helmet’s padding is resistant to fire to be the best safety tool for drivers during unavoidable mishaps. The clear face visor of the helmet contains anti-fogging properties to make it useful even during Winters. It can provide you with a wider viewing angle and have tear-off posts to ease you. This Conquer helmet is also certified with Snell SA2015 to provide you with maximum safety. The weight of such a helmet is about 2.3 pounds. This helmet is also present in different sizes and different colours.

5: RaceQuip 256115 open face helmet

The next helmet is the RaceQuip helmet in the list of top helmets. They are designed to provide ease and comfort to the drivers. These helmets provide your utmost safety and comfort at a very affordable price. Their design is unique, gives you an elegant look, and includes safety measures. The colour of this helmet is white and gives an eye to the drivers according to their desire. The shell of this helmet is designed to deliver a lightweight appearance to the drivers. The body of this helmet is made up of polymer material that makes it lightweight and affordable for clients. 

This helmet is eligible to absorb any pressure and impact and keeps the driver safe. The interior side of the helmet is manufactured by material that is fire resistant, and the paint on It also contains those properties. Some fire mishaps occur in auto racing. So, such helmets are designed to keep drivers safe during such accidents. This helmet also uses the HANS system to make your head and neck free from resistance. Vents in the helmet are properly placed that give you fresh air during riding. 

This helmet is glossy white and ranges in different sizes from small to extra large according to the client’s needs. The weight of this RaceQuip helmet is 4.5 pounds. This helmet is also certified with Snell SA2015 to make it safe for you.

6: ZAMP FS-8/ Dot helmet black large

Helmets of the ZAMP brand are popular in the helmet market due to their neck protection and top-notch head. They are designing the outclass helmet that gives you security and provides shield retention kits and other important features. Their design is made by using leading-edge technology. The company tries to give you the best features according to your expectations or even more than your expectations. These are the best helmets among the other helmets

The shell of this helmet is made up of premium composite fibreglass material that makes it lightweight and eligible to absorb impact absorption. Like other helmets, the ventilation system is impacted in the helmet to keep the driver fresh and dry. Strategically vents are placed on the inside of the helmet to keep it ventilated. These Vents enable the driver to take a breath in the fresh air. It will help keep the scalp of the driver dry and cool even in the intense racing tracks. 

The helmet is also made from cushioning of high-quality materials to give comfort and ease to the rider during riding. This helmet also has D ring straps to buckle it on and off. This amazing helmet is available in 8 different colours, and also its ranges vary from small to double and to extra large. This helmet is also certified by Snell. Snell is the highest standard for safety. Drag racers need helmets that Snell verifies to prioritize their security. The weight of this helmet is 4.75 pounds.

7: Snell SA2015 approved full-face racing helmet

In the list of helmets, the 2021 Typhon full-face helmet will be on the number 7. It is a great full-face helmet that you can use for many races, such as auto racing, autocross, and dirt tracks. The helmet’s shell is lightweight because it is a fibreglass composite material. Shell is very safe and a fire retardant that provides safety to the driver during any mishap. Like other helmets, this helmet also contains pillow-like cushioning on the inside to provide convenience and ease to the clients. 

This helmet comes with a HANS threaded system installed that makes you eligible to use different devices to make your head and neck free from strain. The helmet of Typhon also contains a Kevlar chin strap that includes a fire-resistant feature along with the D ring buckle. This feature of the helmet provides extra safety to the drivers. A suitable ventilation system is also installed in the helmet. This helmet also contains Channel vents with exhaust Vents that allow fresh air to move through the helmet. 

In the helmet, upper and lower Vents are installed that allow you to take a breath in the fresh air and make you extra comfortable even during the racing on summer days. This helmet has a 3mm polycarbonate face shield that allows you to have a wide and clear optical view. This shield also contains an anti-fogging feature, giving you maximum vision in case of smog. 

Typhoon helmets are available in three different colours, and their size is in the range of small to extra large. This helmet is also certified with Snell SA2015. The weight of this Typhon helmet is 4 pounds.

8: ZAMP FSA-3 auto full face Snell SA2015 helmet

It is a very popular and well-known brand in the world of helmets. This helmet is considered to be one of the best helmets. The design of the helmets is very simple, but they are so innovative that they are easily meeting the clients’ requirements. The shell of the material can be constructed by using lightweight fibreglass material. The cover prevents the rider from any impact and mishap during riding. When the helmet is light, it makes the rider stress-free during the long and stressful races. 

The interior side of the helmet is made up of soft pillow-like material. So it will provide ease and comfort to the riders during the race. The fibre’s interior is also used to protect you from mishaps because it is fire retardant. Cheek pads of that helmet placed inside are removable, so you can wash them and make your helmet clean and dust-free. This helmet also contains a 3mm Z15 shield that is scratch-resistant and has anti-fogging ability. So, this shield provides clear vision to the riders during winter and foggy seasons. 

For preventing the head and neck from restraint, the ZAMP helmet has already been installed M6 in the helmet. These inserts are very helpful for drivers during long racing and make them feel relaxed. The ventilation system of the helmet is very good. It will be making the helmet quite comfortable for breathing. Helmets of ZAMP are also certified with Snell SA2015. This helmet is available in only white, but different sizes are available from small to extra large. The weight of this helmet is 4.45 pounds.

9: Conquer carbon fibre full face auto racing helmet

Conquer is considered to be the best helmet company among others. Every new model of helmet contains different and advanced features. This helmet of Conquer is a good choice for drag racers who want to compete in any situation. They are formulated to give safety and comfort to the drivers. A silicon eye port gasket in the helmet for seal keeps the dust and dirt out. It is useful in saving your eye from dust and keeping it safe and does not allow anything to come inside. 

Normex material is used to make the inside of the helmet. Both these are fire-resistant. The helmet also contains a fire-resistant Kevlar chin strap. The properties of Fire retardants make it possible to use this helmet in any situation and in any motor shop you want to use it. The comfortable material of the Normex is used in the interior sides of the helmets. It makes your head cool. 

This helmet is present in various colours and sizes, from small to extra large. This helmet is also certified with Snell SA2015 for best and safety helmets. Shell is made up of carbon fibre composite and is lightweight. The body’s design is aerodynamic, which gives five distortion-free drives to its users. The helmet’s aerodynamic design provides you stylish looks and gives you safety and comfort during rides. 

Conquer helmets also contain 3mm anti-scratch and resistant free sheets along with tear-off properties. This shield is used to make you safe even during the accident and any mishap.

10: ZAMP RZ-58 Snell SA2015 helmet Matte black large

This helmet is the last helmet on the list of the best helmet. These companies have been making helmets for many years to make the life of their customers easy and comfortable. These helmets are used for different races like autocross and many other competitive tracks but use them with full protection. The helmet’s shell is made up of carbon fibre composite to make it lightweight. 

Helmets with lightweight are easily usable in long racing as we do not burden the head. Today, the other helmet companies are tired and searching to lightweight their helmets. The proper ventilation system is also present in the helmet. It contains a top air system along with scalp and chin vents. Hence, the exhaust allows the driver to take a breath in the fresh air and keeps the scalp of the driver cool and dry. 

The helmet’s interior is designed to provide convenience and comfort to the patient. Inside of the helmet, plush fold padding is used with the fire restraint quality. This padding will provide safety to the riders during any fire-related mishap. This helmet also contains a 3mm shield and a tear-off post. This shield gives a very wider and clear image. Another important feature that these helmets include is M6 inserts for neck and head protection. Usage of this feature will make your neck secure and safe from restraint even during long rides. This helmet is in only one colour, but different sizes are available, from small, double, and extra-large. This helmet is also certified with Snell SA2015. The weight of this helmet is 4.7 pounds.

Buying guides for drag racing helmets

When you buy a helmet, there are three important things that you have to keep in mind.

1: Safety

While buying the helmet first, safety is the most important thing. You have to make sure that the helmet is certified with Snell SA2015 because this can ensure that this helmet is secure and safe enough to use in different racing competitions. So, before buying any helmet, you have to make sure about safety.

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2: Interior lining

The second most important thing is the interior lining that plays an important role in the driver’s comfort. The interior lining of the helmet will be fire-resistant and must be comfortable for the driver. Because in the racing, some fire-related and other mishaps occur so if the helmet contains interior lining, it will be eligible to keep the driver safe.

3: Lightweight

During racing, drivers don’t want weight on their heads, so you have to buy a lightweight helmet. Because in the stressful racing, they do not wish to put extra stress and weight on their heads due to helmets. In different helmet shells, the helmets are made up of other materials. The lightest material to make the shell of the helmet is carbon fibre. After carbon fibre, another lightweight material is fibreglass and then composite.

Full face VS open-face helmet

Most people think that full-face helmets are safer than open-face helmets, and statistically, it is proven that this statement is true. But rather than that, most people prefer open-face helmets during racing and think they are more comfortable than full-face helmets.

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