A Guide on Bike Helmet Brim Attachment

The brim attaches securely and easily to the helmet using an adjustable strap. Other than erasing any visor your helmet before has, and no changes to the helmet are required. The front bike helmet brim attachment has a strap that allows it to be fixed when your head is angled down to avoid blocking your vision. Air still flows easily to cool your head because the brim does not cover the top of the helmet.

Helmet brim

It eliminates the sun rays that come directly on your face during riding. Cancer is gaining momentum nowadays in the whole world. Ultraviolet rays directly damage the skin and cause skin cancer. And while riding, the most affected area is the face, so the brim of the helmet gives a little protection in this situation. Now, such a shade visor comes in, which provides more look and neck protection. The helmet visor attaches with the helmet, and it is easily removable on and off. The brim also acts as a preventive measure from lower tree branches when you ride at a fast speed.

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The Da bike Brim Helmet Attachment

The helmet visor product line settles for the installation of an outside sports helmet. The classic model Da Brim helmet visor should only be utilized with bike helmets while also involved in cycling activities. Do not use Da Brim other than as recommended herein, and do not change Da Brim. You should erase the visor before attaching the Da Brim product if your helmet has a removable visor. Do not use this brim with helmets that have non-removable visors.

Step 1

Start with a loose adjustment strap.

Step 2

Keep your helmet at the center back with your thumb on the outward and hold the visor’s center back loop at the same place with your thumb.

Step 3

Keep your other hand at the front of the product and move the assembly upper side downward. Pull the helmet opposite your chest and slowly push the visor over the helmet, seating the visor’s edge on the helmet. Then the black bottom side of the visor should end at the underside edge of the helmet.

Step 4

Move the assembly over and fix the strap by keeping your thumb at the rear of the helmet and pushing on the strap. Give the belt many good tugs to achieve a perfect grip. Fix the strap into the hole given.

Step 5

All the process of checking bike helmet brim attachment is correct. Centers of helmet and visor should be in the same line; if required, push to straighten. Always try to make sure the strap is tight. Such helmet visors should always be set underneath the front helmet surface. Also, it shows safe detachment. As if in wind flow check by pushing upward on the front visor, the visor should not be detached or loose from the helmet. If the visor does not present as described here, do not use the visor with this helmet. If the visor can not be completely set, then the result in the Da Brim product is not true during use and startling you or others or disturbing your vision, it can also cause serious injury or even death.

Step 6

After the Da Brim visor is attached to the helmet, follow the helmet manufacturer’s advice for fitting the helmet. Then, while the helmet and visor are properly equipped, and start using the helmet and visor in an activity, check to ensure that the visor does not disturb your vision. Give attention to your good vision. Should your vision disturbance be due to the Da Brim visor, erase the helmet and reattach the visor. After proper bike helmet brim attachment, completely check your vision should not be disturbed.

It is perfectly a wide, water-resistant, and detachable brim for your helmet. It is properly formed by nylon with a stout yet flexible closed-cell foam core to keep the visor from flopping during fast riding.

The visor will not only keep the dangerous rays of the sun away from your face and neck. The Da Brim also gives protection from rain, and its ample size is perfect for brushing spider webs far away during a ride.


It provides 360-degree protection from sun and rain. Other visors may be far away from the sun rays from your eyes; Da Brim does that work and offers more.

Da brim has an easy attachment process, but some other visors need gluing, not these. In addition to this, another benefit is the Da Brim visors mount, and also it erases easily from all of the helmets that were tested. Despite the ease of installing, they remained safe during all but the worst of fast riding through heavy brush.

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Using the Da Brim

The Da Brim on your helmet is simple to the extreme, and it consists of just some easy steps.

  • Loosen the adjustment strap
  • Fix the visor of your helmet into the Da Brim visor pocket
  • move the back of the DA Brim down and set it tightly
  • Fix the adjustment strap tightly
  • Ride
  • Features
  • Needs no changes to your helmet or sticky adhesives
  • Air moves freely through helmet vents, increasing cooling
  • Helps block glare
  • Fix front visor angle to see forward while in a head-down riding position
  • The front strap keeps the brim from impairing vision and coming down 
  • Rear brim height fixing for use with mirrors and backpacks
  • For added stability, reinforced brim edge

In addition to this, as with other visors, it does not give the top of head sun protection. 3½” front brim contours to 4½” at the rear to provide proper neck sun protection. Keep in mind that dimensions are of brim itself. If relating to a favorite hat that presents against the head, add the thickness of the helmet (typically 3/4″ -1″)

  • Lightweight (weighs approximately 5 oz.)
  • Water-Resistant
  • Hand wash, hang to dry
  • One size fits most helmets 26- 32″ on the outer side where the Da Brim will present

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