Tips On How to Make a Motorcycle Helmet Fit Better?

Did you know that wearing safety gear is crucial before you ride your motorbike on the road? A majority of people usually underestimate the importance of wearing a helmet, however, it is a highly sensitive issue that should not be ignored. As there are several types and varieties of helmets available in the market, it is no surprise that it can be a challenging task to choose the perfect fit for yourself. 

It is a fact that the shape of every person varies. Some have a round-shaped head; others might have an oval-shaped head. Besides, the head size of every person also varies. So, it is important to be specific when purchasing a motorcycle helmet. 

According to recent research, when accidents occur bikers wearing loose helmets have fewer chances of remaining alive. An analysis showed that the helmet got pulled off, and there was no cushion to stabilize the impact. Therefore, it is essential to choose a helmet that perfectly fits your skull. 

Hence, if you plan to purchase a new helmet, or you are concerned about why your helmet does not fit properly, then you must read this article. 

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Tips of How to Make Motorcycle Helmet Fit Better

Make sure that cheek pads are in decent condition 

The motorcycle helmet features accessories that must have an idea of. Among the most essential ones are the cheek pads. So, these pads are intended to tightly fit on your checks to ascertain that your helmet comfortably fits in. 

Though, you should understand that after wearing a helmet for a long time, the cheek pads may wear off due to constant friction, and the conditions that it encounters. 

Usually, the cheek pads are created of soft material to ascertain that the user enjoys a comfortable feeling. Hence, before you decide to buy a new helmet, it is essential to inspect if the pads are still in decent condition. You must ensure that the pad you choose must press tightly on your cheek, while not disturbing your comfort level. 

Make Sure that You Choose the Right Helmet Size 

If you want to choose an ideal size helmet, you should measure your head using a sizing tape before you purchase the helmet. A majority of people are unable to purchase the ideal helmet because they never consider their head size. Surely, you would want to enjoy a chic look in your new helmet but you should try to choose the right size. 

It is an undeniable fact that your skull size is a major aspect. It is very important as nobody will be comfortable if their helmet swings from side to side. So, what to do? The ideal option is to ascertain that your helmet can cozily fit on your head, without dangling sideways. Moreover, if you want the best fit helmet, you can choose a sizing pad. 

When you purchase the helmet, you can inquire about the size of your head so that you can choose the best option. Apart from disturbing comfort levels, a loose helmet can be ear-splitting and dangerous. 

The best way to measure your skull size for the helmet is to wrap around the sizing tape on the head just above your eyebrows. After you have the measurements, contrast them with the size chart and choose the best helmet. 

Evaluate the Helmet Position 

Though it can be annoying when you choose the right size and style, your helmet still does not fit well. What to do? Here is another likelihood as to why your helmet is dangling over your head. In this situation, you should review how your helmet is placed on your skull. 

If your helmet is in the wrong position, it will begin swinging sideways particularly when you are riding the bike due to the influence of fast winds. So, the main question is what is the ideal position to wear a helmet. 

Make sure you fix your helmet on your forehead. And there should be less than two finger-width directly above your eyebrows. This position ascertains that your vision is not blocked. So, when you place your helmet, you should look upwards to ascertain you can view the front rim of your motorcycle helmet. 

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Use the Side Bands 

The sidebands are extremely useful and can make a motorcycle helmet fit better. These straps ascertain that the helmet fits in perfectly. So, the right and left bands should form a y-shape and position just below your ear. 

The great news is that you can easily adjust the sidebands. All you need to do is to roll the rubber band as much as you want to enjoy a comfortable feeling. So, when you do this, make sure the helmet is fixed on your head. Besides, make sure the bands are not hindering the ears so that you may feel discomfort. So, the more you want to make a motorcycle helmet fit perfectly, the more comfortable position you should choose. 

Fastening the Chin Strap 

Your helmet chin strap is also very essential in making your helmet fit perfectly on your head. You should pass your finger to ascertain that there is only space for a single finger under the chin. Resize it to ascertain that you are comfortable. You should know that the helmet chin strap works arm in arm with the sideband to ascertain that the helmet fixes perfectly on the skull. So, when you buckle your chin band, you should wide open your mouth to see if the helmet is pressing against the top of your skull. If not, then you should slightly tighten it and repeat the same. Be sure that you avoid over-tightening it as you will feel uncomfortable. 

The best thing with state-of-the-art straps is that they are manufactured of absorbent material that will not retain sweat under your skin. So, even when you are out on a hot day, you can enjoy a comfortable ride. 


So the key function of helmets is to keep the rider safe, as it helps prevent you from serious head injuries in times of accidents.


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